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Instruction to join JSCPT


  1. Working on a field of clinical pharmacology
  2. Submitting a membership application
  3. Paying a membership fee

Annual Membership Fees

A general member: 10,000 JPY
A student member: 5,000 JPY


  1. A fiscal year of JSCPT starts in October and ends in September.
  2. We have a student fee for undergraduates and graduate students (except research students).To submit an application form for a student fee to JSCPT by e-mail or FAX yearly will be required.
  3. A membership will be continued automatically except withdrawal notification are submitted by yourself.You lose your membership, when you do not pay annual membership fees for more than two years and ignore the counsel from JSCPT.
  4. A membership is for an individual. It is prohibited to get a membership as a representative and to transfer the membership to another person.

How to Join JSCPT

  1. If you are joining JSCPT, download, print, complete and mail a completed membership application to JSCPT. Send a copy of a postal transfer receipt with your application.
    A Membership Application Form [WORD 57KB]
    If you are joining JSCPT as a student member, you are required to submit an application form for a student fee to JSCPT with your application.
    An Application Form for a Student Fee [WORD 41KB]

    Mailing Address:
    The Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
    Gakkai Center Building
    2-4-16 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku
    Tokyo 113-0032
  2. Transfer an annual membership fee (10,000 JPY for a general member or 5,000 JPY for a student member) to the following account.
    Use the same name as an application account, when you transfer.
    Specify “newly” into a message column.

    Account number for a postal transfer: 00150-4-89837
    Account holder: The Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  3. Admission procedures will be undertaken, after payment of a membership fee.After admission procedures are complete, JSCPT will let you know your membership number and, login ID and password for the “members only” website.Do not forget your membership number, which needs for your future activities on JSCPT.

The Official Journal of JSCPT

The official journal of JSCPT, Japanese Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, are published six times a year (once two month). The first issue of each volume is published in the end of every January.You can be mailed the journal from the first issue of the year when you join. After that you will be mailed issues when it will be published.

How to resign from JSCPT

When you resign from JSCPT, let JSCPT know your membership number and name by e-mail or FAX. Phone calls are not available.If you notify JSCPT of your withdrawal by March, you can resign in the previous fiscal year.If you had unpaid membership fees, pay for them completely.