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Submission of Manuscripts

Types of articles include: (1) Original articles; (2) Short communications; (3) Case reports; (4) Review articles; (5) Letters to the Editor; (6) Forums and (7) Reports. Please refer to the details of the types of manuscript in the information for authors. Members of the Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (JSCPT) and other non-membership holders are eligible to submit a manuscript. We look forward to their active contributions to our publication.

Online Submission

To submit a manuscript, please click the following URLs/Links and provide the information requested.

○Submission of Manuscripts

○Manual for On-line Submission (in Japanese)
kyo-demo-b/AuthorManual_Kyorin.pdf [PDF 729KB]

All instructions and helps in the on-line submission system are given in Japanese. If you are NOT familiar with Japanese, please e-mail a set of documents (a cover letter, a manuscript including figures and tables and COI form of all authors) to the secretary of JSCPT at

History of the Journal

Started as the quarterly journal of the Japanese Association of Clinical Pharmacology.

The Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics was established; the journal became its official journal since the 12th volume.

Six issues published annually (Every odd month)

Online Journal was launched since the 38th volume

All articles from the first to the 37th volumes became available as on-line archive.

On-line submission was began on April 5.

Types of Articles

Special Articles/Reports
Original articles
Short communications
Case reports
Letters to the Editor
Proceedings of annual meetings
Reports from awardees of the foreign clinical pharmacology training program

Table of Contents for Back Numbers

*Tables of contents are viewed in PDF files.

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