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Board certificationīŊœBoard-certified clinical research coordinator (CRC)

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  • Board-certified clinical research coordinator (CRC)
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About board-certified clinical research coordinators (CRC)

A CRC (Clinical Research Coordinator) is an essential professional engaged in the coordination and achievement of clinical research, and who supports doctors conducting clinical research, pharmaceutical industrial sponsors, participating volunteers, and also cooperates with various staff in medical institutions. It is necessary for all medical drugs, devices, and technology to undergo clinical research evaluating efficacy and safety before being used as medical treatments in clinical practice. Therefore, appropriate, qualified clinical trials must be conducted.

The Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics established the accreditation system for the Board-Certified CRC in 2003. A Board-Certified CRC is identified as a CRC who contributes to the appropriate and smooth performance of clinical trials, providing the general public with the benefit of more effective and safe medical technology.

Board-Certified CRCs are now aiming for the development of up-to-date medical technology and also playing important active parts in the field of clinical research and trials, including trials of investigational new drugs.

To apply for the Board-Certified CRC examination, please go to our society's homepage, roll down, and click on the related files.

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