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Board certification:Board-certified pharmacists

  • Board-certified clinical pharmacologists
  • Board-certified pharmacists
  • Board-certified clinical research coordinator (CRC)
  • Foreign clinical pharmacology training program

About board-certified pharmacists

In 1995, the Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics started "the Committee for Board-certified Pharmacist" which establishes the first rule for pharmacist in Japan. This society allows the person who passes the Board-Certified Pharmacist examination to acquire a constant qualification as Board-Certified Pharmacist.

The purpose of this committee is to improve the knowledge and the skills of the pharmacist and train them as competent Board-certified Pharmacy Specialist so they can insure to the patient the safety and the efficacy of their treatment. In addition, the committee plans to spread Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics among people (Committee for Board-certified Pharmacist Rules, Chapter1, article 1). To achieve this goal, pharmacists who are qualified in clinical pharmacology education, clinical trial and medical treatment will become Board-certified Pharmacists (Article 2).

The following qualification and contribution are requested from the Board-certified Pharmacist:

  1. Always possessing widespread knowledge and skill in the Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics domain.
  2. Contribute to academic activity in education, research activities and technical development of the Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics.
  3. Promote the proper use of pharmaceutical products.
  4. Play an important role in clinical trial domains (e.g. IRB).

If the pharmacist meets the requirement to become a board-certified pharmacist, he or she will apply to the "Board-certified Senior Pharmacist" and ask him or her for guidance. In addition, the Board-certified Pharmacist must undergo some "training facilities" which follow constant standards.

The duration of Board-certified Pharmacist certification is five years. Standard and constant updates are required to renew the certification.

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