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Board certification | Foreign clinical pharmacology training program

  • Board-certified clinical pharmacologists
  • Board-certified pharmacists
  • Board-certified clinical research coordinator (CRC)
  • Foreign clinical pharmacology training program

About foreign clinical pharmacology training program

The Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (JSCPT) conducts an overseas training course for the promotion of clinical studies in pharmacotherapy in Japan. This program was started in 1975 with support from the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association. By 2014, 81 trainees had been selected and trained, and are currently playing active roles in various fields. In addition, the Committee for Foreign Clinical Pharmacology Training Program organizes short-term overseas training of clinical research coordinators (CRC), and three trainees have been selected each year since 2004.

Human resource development through these programs contributes to advance the JSCPT.

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